Hardwood Flooring Repair

After the years of people walking on your hardwood floors, minor damages arise. Fallen objects nicked your floors and scratched its coating layer. To repair water damage, the wood must be pulled up and replaced.

At Andy Le Hardwood Floor, we provide several high quality services for your hardwood flooring. Along with installation and finishing jobs, we are experienced with buffing, coating and patching any areas to make your floors look brand new. Our finishes also includes floor stains, which also is handy if you want your floors a bit darker.

The most common hardwood floor repair is done from water damages. Little spills can create a big problem, especially if it is not taken care of immediately. For these cases and other issues, you should rely on our professional help at Andy Le Hardwood Floor.

If you have any questions or concerns about our services for your hardwood floor repair in Roanoke, VA, feel free to contact us!